[DONATION] Working from home

Ugly Cute by JESS TAM

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[DONATION] Working from home

Are you currently working from home? Are you only dressed up waist up? Are you even wearing pants? Or is that pajamas you're wearing? Is there a ton of shit on your desk outside of webcam view? Cuz DAZ ME.  

All jokes aside, I am sure most of us are affected by COVID-ID. This is something none of us have ever been through, and everyone is impacted by this some way or another. I wanted to do something, and this is why this sticker will be a little different than usual. 

This will be a special donation sticker. For each sticker that is sold at the lowest price $4, a $1 is donated to combat COVID-19. Any amount over $3 will be donated. (if you select the $20 option, $17 will be donated) Unfortunately, receipt for charitable donations will not be available. Once all stickers are sold out, I will update the donation (with screenshots) on this product listing and on instagram @uglycutelife