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Ugly Cute by JESS TAM

Custom Designed Sticker

Custom Designed Sticker

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Looking for some custom stickers for a special occasion ? Something fun to hand out for party favours? Weddings, best friend's birthday, or you just want a personalized sticker cause you’re a BO$$? Well I got you cover!! Create a custom sticker thats one of a kind made JUST FOR YOU.

if this sounds like what you're looking for~ Please read the following:

Number of stickers: 10

Size (max): 3" x 3"

Time required: 1-2 weeks 

Once you purchased this item. You will receive an email asking for a brief description of what sticker you're looking for me to design (500 character max), any specific wording you'd like on it. I will create a sticker design based on the description you've provided. No edits will be provided. No refunds will be available. 

(Sorry edits are not currently available, but will definitely be possible in the future. But not just yet 🤭. ) 

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or would like to order a higher amount. 


Image for this product is not the final design.

Rights of usage to the graphic will still be under Jess Tam, additional usage will not permitted.  

All sales are final! No refunds are available. 

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